Belt Scale Conveyors

Belt Scale Conveyor System

The FF Series 12 & 18 Belt Scale Conveyor Systems are specifically designed for in-motion weighing of bulk materials in light belt loading applications. The unique proprietary design of the counterweight weighbridge allows for the use of smaller capacity load cells thus providing high resolution of lightweight materials. Available in 12” and 18” widths and standard lengths of 10’ and 12’ for easy shipping, or custom lengths to fit a specify application.

When incorporated with the FF advanced electronic integrator and high precision belt speed sensor, your Series 12 & 18 Belt Scale Conveyor Systems can display valuable flow rate and totalizer information for managing your operation.


We can also provide field services for installation, startup commissioning, material test supervision, and troubleshooting capabilities. When your process requires precise weighing accuracy of low volume lightweight materials Email us or give us a call so we can provide you with the proper weighing solution.

Belt Scale Conveyor